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Talc powder masterbatch

Mesh No. Al2O3,% SiO2,% PH value Fe2O3,% CaO,% MgO,%
18-60 8-10 0.3-3.0 0.1-9.0 30-34

Talc powder for masterbatch
Talc is a kind of mineral substance made of magnesium metasilicate, whose molecular formula is 3Mgo•4SiO2•H2O or Mg3 [Si4O10] (OH) 2.

Filler masterbatch is used to make transparent packing film, as the transparent package or matt package of sanitation towel,transparent fruit bag,protective film and so on.It also suitable for the producing of hollow molding bottle and drum whose wall thickness less than 1mm.

80%Talc + 20%PP
The product, can significantly increase the stiffness, impact strength, creep resistance, anti scratch the surface, Heat resistance and improving the heat distortion temperature can improve the stability of the final product: body, improve the tensile strength and stiffness, improve chemical and thermal stability and thermal insulation properties.We also can supply all different grades regarding to customer's requirements.

Talcum Masterbatch Pellet
Plastic grade talcum powder is mainly used in: plastic pipe, plastic bags, PP, PE, PVC, film, wire drawing and other plastic products, is one of the main filler talcum powder as filler in plastics can not only save the amount of resin, can significantly improve the physical properties of the product, to enhance the effect of chemical additives enough fineness.


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