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Caco3 filler masterbatch

Caco3 filler masterbatch Mesh Carrier Resin Applycation
C-1 1000 PE/PP Film,Injection,Extrusion
C-2 2000 PE/PP Film,Injection,Extrusion
C-3 3000 PE/PP Film,Injection,Extrusion

CaCO3 filler masterbatch not only cuts down production costs by replacing a part of virgin polymer during extrusion,injection and blow molding processing but also increases output,improves production conditions as well as a number of physical and chemical properties of finished products.

Our Filler Masterbatches is compounded of high quality filler, polymer resin and other additive agents.

Our Filler Masterbatches with properties as high resistance,high light fastness, unmatched dispersion and environmental protection can improve the surface antifriction,heat stability, toughness, consistency, rigidity and increasing specific gravity of plastic products,and it can replace the use of plastic material to save the production cost largely.

Addding ratio
PE film blowing 10-50%
HDPE injection molding 20-50%
PP wiredrawing 20-35%
Hdpe hollowing,casting 10-30%
PP strapping sheets 20-30%


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