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Barium sulphate Masterbatches

Baso4 filler masterbatch masterbatch Adding ratio
BaSO4 Average Particle Size 80nm mulching film ≥5%
BaSO4 Content 79%-83% Warmhouse film 1-3%
MFR(190°c/5kg).g/10min 3-6 common film 5-30%
Melting Point(°c) 120 blowing bottle 5-30%
Density 2.0-2.4 sheet,plate,tube, 10-40%

Barium sulphate Filler Masterbatches(Barium sulfate Filler MB), made of highly pury natural BaSO4, can improve plastic properties, reduce product cost, enhance the hardness, rigidity, specific gravity,compression insistance and abrasive insistance of filler product, 、and also can reduce product contractility and the deformation caused by contractility, can be prolongable for useful life. Good processing, non-toxic, nonmoisture absorption. Excellent dispersion and plasticizing, large adding rate, range of 10%-50%. It can replace expensive Tio2 to reduce the cost effectively. So, 
choosing super white barium sulphate MB not only improve product quality and also reduce prodution cost.
Adopted advanced chemical compounding technology, made the particles disassemble  fully in the combination reaction to be minimum and uniform for the mean particle size, and plate protective film on each particle, then will get the product with good dispersion, flwability, compatibility and stability properties, etc. it is acidproof, alkaliproof, light fastness, heatproof, low oil absorption, excellent weatherability, good dispersion and flow, few impurity, high whiteness, strong transparence, and high purity, etc.


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