white masterbatch


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white masterbatch

White Masterbatch

Food grade

Highest quality standards

High level of concentration

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masterbatch black

Black Masterbatch

Highly advanced dispersion

High gloss

Easy processing grade

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color masterbatch


Standard pigmentation grade

Professional color matching

Excellent dispersion

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filler masterbatch


Baso4 filler masterbatch

Caco3 filler masterbatch

Talc powder masterbatch

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About Percolour

PerColour Polymer Co.,LTD, subsidiary of Baolai Industry Group, is a leading manufacturer of Masterbatch and Glitter in China. We dedicate to the technologies of plastic coloring, with strong capacity of R&D and recognized expertise in multi-area.

Masterbatch Products Lines:Color,White,Black Masterbatch & Additive Masterbatch & Industry Compoun& Glitter Powder.

We have a complete range of laboratory equipments, machines of injection molding, film blowing, wire drawing, multi-layer co-extruder etc, to ensure that the simulation experiments fulfill the requests of our customers.

We applies a perfect system of quality control and assurance with strict compliance with the ISO9001: 2008.

  • Red PET Masterbatch
  • blue pp masterbatch
  • green ABS masterbatch
  • glow in the dark powder
  • bulk glitter powder
  • Pearl powder
  • glitter powder
  • film plastic bag masterbatch
  • plastic injection masterbatch

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